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Dubai Aquarium

Perched on the edge of the Persian Gulf and with a history that is deeply entwined with its warm, blue waters, it is no surprise that one of Dubai's best attractions is closely associated with the sea. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is a spectacular location full of fascinating sights and among the must-see attractions in the emirate.

A measure of the popularity of the Dubai Aquarium can be seen in its success in the Radisson Blu contest to find the favourite attractions in Dubai. Coming in with most support, the Dubai Aquarium really made a splash with voters. Guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Downtown will find the aquarium is a perfect place to visit during a stay.

Great sights above and below the waves
The Dubai Aquarium allows visitors to explore and experience underwater worlds on a record-breaking scale. The 10 million litre tank has the biggest viewing panel in the world, revealing some of the 33,000 living animals who call the attraction their home.

While the viewing areas are undoubtedly spectacular, those who would like a more interactive experience of the sea life at the Dubai Aquarium can take the plunge and dive into the pool. Guided shark dives and tours of the tanks take place daily and are perfect for adventurous visitors.

Enjoying the magic of Dubai
From Antarctic penguins to tropical fish, and everything in between, there is a dizzying range of life waiting to be discovered at the Dubai Aquarium. The aquarium itself can be found in the heart of Downtown Dubai, at the enormous Dubai Mall.

In a city packed with incredible sights, the Dubai Aquarium more than holds its own as an exciting attraction. Guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Downtown will find that the stylish rooms available at the accommodation are just a short distance from the remarkable aquatic destination.