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Beamish Open Air Museum

When visiting Durham there is an excellent experience waiting for you right next door. The Beamish Living Museum of the North promises a day full of entertainment for the whole family. This incredible attraction will take you back through time to the 1800s and let you explore the extraordinary life of ordinary people. Meet the animals at the Farm, check out the 1900s Pit Village and school and head into coal mines at the Colliery. There is so much to see and do here you are going to want to visit more than once.

One of the best museums in the region

When you head into this open-air museum, you will find that there are five different areas to explore. There is a 1820s Pockerley, a 1900s Town, Pit Village and Colliery and a 1940s Farm to discover. At the Pockerley check out the ‘Old House’ that dates back to the 1400s and learn about the railway and see its replica steam engine. When walking around the 1900s town, you will find a delicious sweet shop selling homemade goodies the old-fashioned way. There is also a fairground and an old chemist where you can check out what interesting items they sold in the past. Be sure to grab some photos of you dressed up in costume too.

Once done there, head to the Pit Village and meet the Pit Ponies and learn about how they worked in the mines. You can also grab some delicious traditionally made fish and chips at Davy’s Fried Fish Shop. Next stop is the Colliery, where you are able to join a tour into the depths of the old mines and gain an understanding about the conditions down there and what it would have been like to be a miner. Lastly, pop into the 1940s Farm and discover life during the Second World War. See the old labourers’ cottages and then stop by the British Kitchen based on those set up during the war.

A new world moments from Durham

Once you have finished exploring the neat things to do in Durham, be sure to make the trip to Beamish. The town is around nine miles away so you can drive or take the bus. For guests staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham, this perfect attraction is just 20 minutes’ drive away. The Beamish Museum is open daily (with some exceptions). To see prices and opening times head to their Plan Your Visit page.