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Edinburgh Castle

Arrive in the centre of Edinburgh and you can’t miss the majestic Edinburgh Castle. The castle, which rests on the volcanic Castle Rock, dominates the skyline above Princes Street Gardens and stands at the top of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh’s historic Old Town. The Royal Mile, including the castle, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Edinburgh Castle is Scotland’s most visited paid attraction, and it receives over 1 million visitors annually.

Edinburgh Castle is an ancient stronghold which dates back as far as 9th century BC. The castle has a proud military history. It has withheld battles, sieges and provided protection for many great Scottish monarchs. In the 1600s, the castle became a military base, which it still remains today.

Castle highlights

Amongst the castle’s many highlights are the Great Hall, the Stone of Destiny, the Crown Jewels and its military museums. Equally popular is its view over Edinburgh’s New Town and out to the Firth of Forth. Don’t miss the one o’clock gun, which is fired from one of the castle's cannons at 13:00 every day, with the exception of Sundays. This tradition has stood since 1861 and was originally meant as a time signal for ships sailing on the Firth of Forth.

Castle tours

If you’re short of time or wish to learn as much as possible during your visit, take part in a guided tour. Complimentary tours are available from experienced guides versed in sharing their knowledge and stories about the castle. Audio guided tours are also available in several languages and can be booked online. Arrive early to avoid queues, especially in summer.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

During the summer months, the castle’s promenade is transformed in preparation for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo that takes place in August. Against the spectacular backdrop of Edinburgh Castle, the Military Tattoo is world-renowned and has an annual audience of more than 200,000. Over 100 million people worldwide also tune in for the televised event, watching Scottish Regiments and their global counterparts present an unforgettable spectacle.