Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh City Centre

Scotch Whisky Experience


The Scotch Whisky Experience is a must-see attraction for anyone wanting to learn more about Scotland’s national drink, whisky. Take a tour and explore the magic of the whisky-making process just a 10-minute walk from Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh City Centre.

What to experience on The Whisky Tour
Learn about the time-honoured traditions that make up the production of Scotch whisky when you tour the attraction’s replica whisky distillery. There are many tour experiences to choose from, but they all include:

  • Knowledgeable guides taking you on an unforgettable tour.
  • The opportunity to view the largest whisky collection in the world with 3,384 bottles of different whisky from around the globe.
  • A complimentary whisky tasting - visitors over 18 can enjoy a demonstration on how to expertly taste and appreciate your dram.
Continue the festivities at the whisky bar with stunning views of Edinburgh and enjoy a traditional Scottish meal at the award-winning Amber Restaurant and coffee shop. Remember to visit the gift shop for a tasty souvenir before you leave.
Plan your visit from Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh City Centre

Opening hours:
  • Opening times depend on the tour type, but they are open daily
  • The Scotch Whisky Shop is open from 10:00 – 19:00
  • Tours last between 50 minutes and 3 hours depending on the tour type.
Ticket prices:
  • Tour prices range from £15.50 (concessions £13.50) to £73, depending on your chosen experience.
  • Morning Masterclasses for whisky lovers are available for £40 and lasts 90 minutes (Pre-booking required)
  • Visit the website to learn more about tour types and buy your tickets.