Radisson Blu Hotel, Espoo


Set by the shore of Finland's Gulf, the city of Espoo was a thriving settlement for more than 9,000 years before growing to become Finland's 2nd city. Espoo - along with Helsinki, Vantaa and Kaunianen - is also one of the 4 cities that make up the wider Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Today, Espoo is a bi-lingual city (speaking both Finnish and Swedish) where visitors will find many industrial and business districts that are home to well-known companies, as well as many cultural attractions including EMMA modern art gallery and Espoon Kartano, a historic royal mansion that was built by the King of Sweden long ago as a holiday retreat.

  • Visit the EMMA Espoo modern art museum
  • Spend an afternoon admiring the Espoon Kartano - a royal mansion built by the King of Sweden
  • Learn more about Finnish history and culture at the Espoo Cultural Center
  • Seek out Santa Claus by visiting Santa's Finnish Summerhouse