Radisson Blu Hotel, Espoo



With the sleek simplicity inherent in Scandinavian design, this accommodation in Espoo equips guests with everything they need for a restful stay. Our 209 rooms and suites feature hardwood floors, our special Magic Beds® and Free high-speed, wireless Internet. Wall-size prints of the nearby archipelago reinforce the hotel’s Nordic setting. All guests receive complimentary admittance to the top-floor wellness area, where they can enjoy an indoor pool, a lounge, a rooftop terrace and 3 saunas.

The Blu Dreams® Experience 
Sleep provides rejuvenation for the body and the mind, preparing you for the excitement and challenges of a new day. To help you awake revitalized each day, the Radisson Blu hotels of Finland have developed the Blu Dreams experience. The foundation of Blu Dreams is our Magic Bed®. Using intelligent foam technology, the Magic Bed’s mattress reacts to weight and body temperature to conform uniquely to you. Further tailor the Magic Bed to your preference by choosing your own pillow and duvet from our wide selection.

Before bedtime, unwind with a warm shower or bath, or decompress by reading or listening to music. With the One Touch Service button, you can request that relaxation products, such as a back and foot massager or earplugs, be brought to your room free of charge. Hotel reception can also provide a pleasant wake-up light to awaken you gently after your restful night.

Start your day out right with a good breakfast from our Super Breakfast® Buffet. The buffet features a variety of dishes including hotel specialties, full of local flavors and made from fresh ingredients. The Super Breakfast Buffet is complimentary for Suite guests and is available at an extra charge for others. The complimentary Grab & Run breakfast offers energy bars, fruit and beverages to take with you.