Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt

Main Tower

The striking Frankfurt skyline is a testament to the success and prosperity of this vibrant German city. Amid the dramatic cityscape the Main Tower is one of the most attractive buildings – an important skyscraper that is open to the public and offers great views of Frankfurt.

Getting a bird's eye view of Frankfurt is a great way to take in the German city, and one of the many fantastic attractions to discover during a stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel Frankfurt. The stunning hotel is the perfect base for exploring Frankfurt and its many exciting attractions.

A view from the top
Since being completed in 1999, the Main Tower has been a favorite with locals and those enjoying a holiday in Frankfurt. The blue glass-wrapped tower provides incredible views from the ground, but it is when visitors travel up the tower that they can enjoy some of the best views in the city.

The Tower is named after the nearby Main River, and that feature of the city is one of the many elements of the breathtaking views which you get from the viewing platform. The top of the Main Tower offers more than just good views though. A cocktail bar and restaurant let visitors relax against one of Europe’s most incredible backdrops. If getting married in this spectacular tower seems alluring, guests will be glad to know that once a week a marriage registrar comes to the tower to marry couples, followed by a wedding reception at the Tower's restaurant.

Making the most of a stay
Reaching 200 meters up into the German sky, the Main Tower is one of Frankfurt’s most impressive buildings. Although it is not the highest skyscraper in the city, it is the only one open to the public and as such draws many to enjoy the spectacular views. The tower also partakes in the annual Wolkekratzerfestival – the Frankfurt Skyscraper Fest. In May each year, at least 18 buildings open to the general public free of charge, allowing them to explore the Frankfurt architecture and enjoy views across Frankfurt, as well as experience the many entertaining events taking place.

There are also things to see inside the tower, like the Helaba Bank grand collection of contemporary art. Among these you will find the video installation “The World of Appearances” created by American artist Bill Viola and the wall mosaic “Frankfurter Treppe” by Stephan Huber, both displayed in the foyer.

Guests of the Radisson Blu Hotel Frankfurt will find that the Main Tower is one of the most memorable attractions in the city. Whether they are enjoying the excellent services of the hotel on a business trip or for leisure, visitors will enjoy taking the short trip to the Main Tower, and the long trip up it, to enjoy the amazing views.