Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel, Freetown


Hotel near Freetown city center offers access to beach and local attractions

This hotel lies near Freetown city center, only 10 kilometers away, and offers direct access to Lumley Beach. Guests enjoy proximity to local attractions, the Business District and the beach from the same location. Sierra Leone’s vibrant capital lies on a peninsula that stretches into the Atlantic and features West Africa’s largest natural harbor. Surrounded by mountains and by sea, this scenic and historic city was founded by freed slaves.

Lungi International Airport lies only 30 minutes from the hotel, on an island across the river. Guests can access the mainland by water taxi, hovercraft or ferry. The hovercraft station can be found just 100 meters from the hotel, and the Paramount Airlines helipad lies beside it. Visitors can also choose to travel by private speedboat or by helicopter.