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Sightseeing in Gdańsk

Many of Gdańsk’s most notable sights are conveniently packed into the Old Town, and are best explored on foot. Start your tour of the city at the Upland Gate, the gateway to the Royal Route. Once surrounded by a moat, this gate dates back to the 16th century and was where the Polish king was welcomed into the city. Just past its imposing archway you’ll spy the spooky remnants of a prison tower, complete with medieval chopping block. The Royal Route has long been the sight of colorful parades and festive ceremonies, allowing you to follow in the footsteps of royalty. Peek down Long Street, which has stood here since 1331 and is home to a number of ornamental homes owned by centuries of Gdańsk’s elite merchant class. These are embellished with whimsical rococo and baroque details, and feature lovingly restored interiors.

The Main Town Hall is a true must-see along this route, featuring meticulously painted chambers and insight into the history of Gdańsk with its onsite history museum. Climb up to the top of its gilded tower and you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the city.

Art and Intrigue at Artus Court

Wander into Artus Court and you may feel as though you’ve stepped back in time to King Arthur’s Round Table. This lavish mansion was the meeting place for the city’s movers and shakers, including merchants and politicians. One of the most notable features inside is the main hall’s massive tiled stove, which dates back to the Renaissance and is painstakingly crafted from over 500 individual tiles.

Historic Charm in the Long Market

Stop and stay awhile at the historic Long Market, or Dlugi Targ, which features the Neptune Fountain. One of Gdańsk’s top attractions, this glittering bronze statue of the sea god Neptune is a favorite spot to take photos. The Dlugi Targ is also a fanciful place to stop and have a bite, with its brightly colored buildings. The end of the Royal Route is marked by the Green Gate, a four-arched gatehouse and former palace located on the waterfront. With our Radisson Blu Hotel Gdańsk enviably positioned right in the Old Town, you’ll have all the best sites of Gdańsk right on the doorstep.