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Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Gothenburg

Hotel Makeover


Our Scandinavian hotel is going through an exciting makeover. We are happy to announce that in August 2016 we started our extensive room renovation. The construction work is taking place behind locked doors in selected areas, so you probably won’t even notice what´s going on. All of the 351 rooms are to be ready in the beginning of 2018. Unique and contemporary comfort in three different styles: Vintage, Vogue and Vivid. If you are staying with us - don’t miss our exhibition in the lobby.

80 renovated rooms are now ready for you in Vogue style and we are proceeding with the Vivid concept. Later this year we'll be renovating the lobby, bar and restaurant. We can’t wait to get started!

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Our Vivid rooms are now ready and they are so nice! Almost half of all our rooms are now renovated and we proceed with our large suites. We are also happy to announce that famouse “Hagabadet” will move in. A completely new Premium Spa with yoga and treatments will open in December 2017. We can’t wait.

This page will be updated regularly and you're welcome to follow our progress.

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Our suites are ready! We can’t wait to get feedback from our first guests. The suites are mainly on 4-5th floor, many of them with a private and furnished terrace. If you need an extra treat or got something to celebrate, this is really the place. The Royal Suite – our jewel – spans a total of 160 square meters. With a walk-in closet, sauna, kitchen, dining room, living room and much more you you can just stay in your suite for the entire visit. Many celebrities have stayed in the Royal Suite such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, President Bush, U2 and many more. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for fresh images.

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Gothenburg is hot! The reputation of a ”must-visit” destination is being widely spread over the world through blogposts and social media. The city is described as relaxed with great shops and fantastic restaurants. Social and friendly people, beautiful gardens and an ocean breeze. The short distances are ideal for walks and bicycling. We Gothenburgers have always been proud of our city and hope you will love it too.

Thanks @asieali for sharing the film with our renovated rooms and your travelblog.

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Wow! The response on our refurbished suites is better than we could ever imagine. A big thank you to all our guests for the positive and honest feedback. Some adjustments have been made according to your wishes and hope you will be happy with the result. The Scandinavian and sophisticated look is the red thread and to this we have added personal details to make you feel like home. 

Petra at the Architect Bureau Design is responsible for the design project. She describes the rooms as calm and personal. Smooth colors that goes hand in hand instead of too many pop-out elements creates a harmony that makes you feel good. The three concepts are structured in the same way, but the color settings are different. This creates the possibility for each guest to go for their personal style. Vouge – light powdery pink and grey, copper details and white marble. Vintage – sophisticated grey and black, brass details and grey marble. Vivid – lively blue and smaragd, silver details, grey marble.   

Corner- and Junior Suites are available in all three styles while the top floor suites are all in Vintage, some with terrace. During this Summer we have had the pleasure to host a Day Party for the Way out West Festival, photo session for a rock band, private dinners, a wedding and the honor to host some celebrities. 

Thanks @franciskasvakreverden for sharing the video from your Executive Suite (see video clip 27 June).