Radisson Blu Hotel Greater Noida

Nearby Attractions


When you stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Greater Noida, you'll be within driving distance of attractions like the Taj Mahal, Akshardham Temple and Buddh International Circuit. Business travelers love our location near the Jaypee Greens Golf Course, the perfect spot to tee-off with potential clients, and families on holidays enjoy treating their kids to a fun-filled day at Worlds of Wonder.

Visit these nearby attractions:

  • Jaypee Greens Golf Course - 3 km
    The first 18-hole golf course in the country and the only one designed by Greg Norman, Jaypee Greens offers more than 450 acres of beautiful grounds for golfing.
  • India Exposition Mart Ltd - 5 km
    As one of the closest hotels to the India Expo Mart, the Radisson Blu makes it easy to attend corporate events, trade shows and conventions.
  • Buddh International Circuit (Formula One) - 12 km
    Feel a need for speed? Visit this Formula One track, designed by the famous Herman Tilke, to watch cars race at break-neck speed around the 5.14-km long track.
  • Worlds of Wonder - 30 km
    Families visiting Noida love this amusement park, which features a water park, go karts, a mini train and thrilling rides.
  • Akshardham Temple - 35 km
    An extraordinary complex and the most popular tourist destination in Delhi, this Hindu mandir offers ritual and water shows, a garden and three exhibitions, one of which includes an educational boat ride.
  • Lotus Temple - 40 km
    Constructed of marble, dolomite and cement, this breathtaking Baha’i temple rises from the grounds around it into a structure resembling a lotus flower.
  • Connaught Place - 45 km
    Connaught Place, also known as CP, boasts some of the best shopping in Delhi, as well as attractions like Hanuman Mandir and Jantar Mantar.
  • India Gate - 45 km
    Built to honor the Indians who gave their lives during World War I, the India Gate stands in the center of New Delhi as one of the most popular attractions in the NCR.
  • Taj Mahal - 178 km
    Perhaps the most famous sight in all of India, the stunning marbled Taj Mahal is located in Agra, less than two hours away from the Radisson Blu via the Yamuna Expressway.