Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg

Miniature Wonderland

Miniature Wonderland is the largest model railway in the world and is the most visited permanent exhibition in northern Germany with something for all the family. Open your imagination and be prepared to be taken on an unforgettable journey around the world.

Take a journey around the world

Model displays will take you on a voyage to Harz, the highest mountain range in Northern Germany and to Hamburg’s most famous attractions. Leave the country’s borders as you embark on an adventure to the Alps in Austria and Switzerland, see the northern lights and native wildlife of Scandinavia and the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas as well as the Everglades in America.

Throughout the journey visitors will see sailing cruise and cargo ships, cars and trucks on the roads, sports stadiums full of spectators, operating fire engines and police chases in action. Watch day turn into night and experience another magical side of Miniature Wonderland.

Visit the fictional town of Knuffingen, and perhaps the most impressive part of the display, Knuffingen Airport. This airport simulation, which covers over 150m², has over forty planes taking off, landing and taxiing around the airport. Watch the ground staff working to ensure the smooth running of the airport.

How does it all work?

Over 200 push buttons allow visitors to activate interactive displays. A creative team of over 260 staff are constantly working to ensure the smooth running of the model railway system. As of 2010, the exhibition covered 1300m² with almost 1000 trains, over 200,000 figurines, 3660 bridges and buildings. Over 900 trains carrying 12,000 wagons run daily. There is no end in sight for this ever-expanding exhibition.

Miniature Wonderland is located near the city’s Harbor and is easily reached from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg. The exhibition is open daily and queues can be avoided by getting there early or pre-booking tickets. After viewing the world on a small scale and exploring other city attractions, return to your stylish room and enjoy the guest facilities available.