Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg

The borough of St. Pauli

St. Pauli is a working-class city borough in Hamburg, renowned for its red light district and the famous street Reeperbahn. The area is situated near the harbor on the north bank of the river Elbe. It was originally where thirsty sailors came ashore for a drink. It has since expanded into the bustling hub of Hamburg’s nightlife that it is today.

However, there is a lot more to this area of the city than meets the eye. During the day, St. Pauli is an area bustling with locals and visitors shopping and dining in local cafes and restaurants. There are also many museums and tourist attractions worth visiting near this area.

A vibrant nightlife scene

At nightfall, St. Pauli transforms into the heart of the city’s nightlife. Although the largest concentration of pubs and nightclubs are near Reeperbahn, there are also many other nice clubs, bars and restaurants in the surrounding streets.

St. Pauli Football Club

When visiting you may see flags flying bearing a skull and crossbones. This is not a link to the history of the harbor but the supporter’s emblem for the local football team. FC St. Pauli has had varying success in Bundesliga 2 and Bundesliga. The team has a large following in the area. Visiting Millerntor Stadium and the supporters shop is a must for football fans. On match days the team has used the Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg as their base since 2011.

If you want a chance to mingle with the players or to explore the area and surrounding harbor, just a short walk away, then this is a convenient base for your break and an easy location to return to after a night out with your travel companions.