Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg


Say I do at Radisson Blu

Our exclusive location, attention to detail, and professional wedding experience come together to make dreams come true for every bride.

The Unique Setting
Ideally suited for a wedding ceremony, the hotel provides an array of rooms to fit any size event. Areas like the dance floor, bamboo floor and terrace can accommodate a range of tastes and provide room for up to 300 guests.

The Highest Wedding Location of Hamburg
Say your vows against the backdrop of stunning city views from this high-rise event location. Our High End venue extends over 2 levels that connect through an internal staircase and span over 180 square meters. An open terrace and 5-meter windows allow for romantic views of the surrounding Hanseatic City and the Planten un Blomen botanical gardens.

The Perfect Presentation Our professional wedding coordinator is on hand to make event planning as seamless as possible. Our coordinator can aid the bridal couple in deciding which rooms and décor will be best for the celebration. Our head chef can also offer personalized menus full of inspiring culinary delights.

The Relaxing Stay The hotel’s 556 rooms and suites offer breathtaking views over the botanical gardens, Planten un Blomen. Choose from 2 different Bridal Suites.

Meetings & Events We look forward to personally assisting with your wedding plans. Upon request, we are happy to organize a hair stylist, DJ, dance music and even a limousine for your big day.

Flowers & Decorations The Radisson Blu Hotel in Hamburg has worked with Blumen Mardt for several years. Mr. Mardt and his colleagues create the perfect flower decorations for upcoming weddings and can customize all orders for any occasion.

Blumen Mardt
22393 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 601 9335

Opening hours:
08:00 - 18:30 (Mon - Fri)
08:00 - 13:00 (Sat)
Additional times available per request
Delivery to all of Hamburg

Ms. Romina Zielke
Tel: +49 (0) 40 3502 3404
Email: romina.zielke@radissonblu.com