Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Cruise Center

From high culture to fast-paced sport in Hamburg, there is a great range of attractions to keep visitors entertained. After enjoying the many great charms Hamburg has to offer, taking to the seas north of the city offers a relaxing way to explore other fascinating European locations. The Hamburg Cruise Center is Germany’s gateway to the North and Baltic Seas.

Visitors who have spent some time exploring the handsome city of Hamburg, and enjoying the comfortable rooms and services offered by the Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport, will find that taking a northern cruise is a great way to extend a trip to the region.

Explore Hamburg’s historic links
For a significant period in Hamburg’s history the city was part of a northern-European trading union known as the Hanseatic League. From the 13th century Hamburg was central to this organisation, establishing close connections with cities around the Baltic and North Seas, guaranteeing free trade and waging wars to protect the interests of its members.

Many ships that leave the Hamburg Cruise Centre take in Hanseatic cities like Stockholm, Tallinn and Bruges, allowing visitors to experience some of the historical links between these important locations. A distinctive architectural style and shared love of maritime trade are the legacy of this remarkable period in Europe’s history.

Plan a voyage from Hamburg
Many tour companies operate out of the Hamburg Cruise Centre, offering a wide range of options for visitors looking to explore the seas north of the city. Visitors who want to spend some time in Hamburg before enjoying a cruise will find great accommodation at the finest of all the Hamburg airport hotels.

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport offers high speed internet connections, allowing visitors to research the options available to them at the Hamburg Cruise Centre.