Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport

Shrink yourself down to size at Miniatur Wunderland

Hamburg offers an incredibly diverse range of attractions and nowhere is this more apparent than at the Miniatur Wunderland, or Miniature Wonderland in English, the world’s largest model railway. A trip to the city is not complete without visiting the grand scale of this intricately designed model network. The city’s most popular tourist destination has attracted more than 10 million visitors since it opened in 2001.

See the world in one building
A look at the scale of Miniatur Wunderland reveals a dizzying and impressive array of statistics. It has taken over 230 workers a total of 580,000 hours to build this model world. Work never stops here and this model world is expanding all the time. The interactive exhibit is spread out over 6,400 square meters and is divided into sections that include re-creations of American, Scandinavian and Swiss landscapes as well as the towns of Harz and the fictional Knuffingen Airport.

Amazingly, over 900 trains with 12,000 wagons travel every day, covering a distance of several hundred kilometers. The longest model train is over 14 meters long. Ships and boats sail in the water, 250 computer-controlled vehicles travel around, including fire engines and police cars that are always in action. Over 200,000 figures are spread throughout this wonderland. As the night closes in, over 300,000 LED lights bring some of the world’s cities and attractions to life. Imagination really knows no bounds here.

Kniffingen Airport
The statistics are impressive but the only way to get a true of the scale that this mini world represents is to go and see for yourself. The entire model system has been brought to life by cutting-edge technology, creating a landscape in which anything is possible. In 2011, the Knuffingen Airport, based on the Hamburg’s own, was opened after six years of construction. The astonishing level of detail makes it easy to understand why it took so long to complete. You can watch baggage handlers preparing flights and planes taxiing and taking off the runway. The Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport even has its own place in Knuffingen, opening for the second time to a scale of 1:87 of its original size, housing travelling guests.

Make sure when you are exploring Hamburg’s fantastic sights, you don’t miss the truly incredible Miniatur Wunderland. It is suitable for everyone, large and small, and is impossible not to be impressed by this unique attraction.