Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport

St. Pauli docks

St. Pauli is a vibrant suburb of Hamburg and the center of the docklands. St. Pauli Landungsbrücken literarily translates to Landing Stages in English. As the name suggests, this is the main pier, found in the city’s port between the lower harbor and the Fish Market. This historic pier is a major attraction, as well as a central transportation hub for boats traveling to the surrounding regions and into international waters.

A historic attraction

Built in 1839, the dock area was originally created as a steamship terminal and consists of a number of floating pontoons, with ten movable bridges connecting to the land. During World War II, the harbor area was destroyed but rebuilt in the mid-20th century. The clock tower, created in 1910, also shows the current water levels of the River Elbe. Today, it serves cruise ships and ferries to nearby destinations. One of the most popular ferries is the yellow one, taking you to the ‘Musical Theater of the Port’ where major musicals and shows can be seen, such as The Lion King. This is also the main departure point for many of the city’s boat tours.

A bustling nightlife hub

Originally, the area used to be where sailors would go ashore to have drinks. It is still a bustling area to this day and forms the heart of the city’s nightlife. The most popular places are nestled along the famous Reeperbahn, but the surrounding streets are also full of life with plenty of restaurants, cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs to choose from, suitable for all tastes.

The Radisson Blu Airport Hotel in Hamburg is ideally placed next to the airport and just 9 km from the heart of Hamburg and St. Pauli. Excellent public transport links make the 20-minute journey into the city smooth and efficient, leaving you ready for a day of exploring the city and its docklands.