Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport

FILINI - fresh and tasty Italian food – made from fine, seasonal ingredients

Filini is “La dolce vita”- enjoying the here and now. With great food and rich taste at the center, the Filini experience comes to life in great company, where we serve with a smile. Filini delights with seasonality that makes sense, and is refreshingly sustainable. Filini is the classy Italian - a place to entertain and unwind, to savor and enjoy life. Local ingredients mix with the best that Italian cuisine has to offer: antipasti variations, pizza with that perfect thin crust, pasta “al dente”, rich and creamy risotto and select meat and fish “secondi”, rounded off by delicious desserts. Pair the flavors on your plate with a good Chianti in your glass, and treat yourself to a traditional espresso or a fragrant grappa. Choose from a wide selection of drinks at the bar with local recommendations and international favorites. Enjoy “La dolce vita”: buon appetito!