Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Istanbul Tuzla

Aromatherapy Massages with Pañpuri

Inner Peace Relaxing Massage - 60/90 minutes

Dissolve away the cares of the day with Pañpuri’s Inner Peace Relaxing Massage. Set your mind to a remote place and let yourself be carried away to a tranquil escape with the use of sensual Ylang Ylang extracts. This creates a sweet, exotic floral scent that perfectly aligns and opens your energy channels to receive the therapeutic benefits of a combination of Swedish, aromatherapy and Shiatsu strokes. Surrender to a divine place as a cranial massage completes this peaceful journey.

Healing Thai Herbal Compress Massage - 90 minutes

Surrender to calm with a warm body compress of premium Eastern herbs that slowly dissolve muscle tension and spasms from your aching body. This healing, aromatic, traditional Thai body compress is a unique formula combining herbs used since ancient times that when heated, release natural oils to appease mind and body. After warming up your tired muscles, the treatment continues with a relaxing massage using Thai jasmine massage oil. Realign your chakras for a more positive flow of energy, and submit completely to a place where mind and body meet in peace.

Indochine Body Detoxifier - 75 minutes

Reveal soft, healthy, glowing skin with the lingering scent of a far-away paradise. Restore skin nutrients and moisture balance with our mild Indochine Soothing Body Polish. Draw out harmful impurities with a delicate body detoxifier of mineral-rich deep sea clay, nourishing honey, stimulating clove and comforting tangerine. Seal in moisture with a citrus combination of tangy lemongrass, mandarin and bergamot to leave skin soft and refreshed.

Jasmine Signature Body Treatment - 90 minutes

Jasmine, a symbol of both purity and respect, is a sweet, romantic-smelling flower deep-rooted in Thai and Eastern cultures. With its naturally stimulating and emollient properties, jasmine remains a meaningful ingredient in beauty treatments throughout the world. With this jasmine-imbued treatment, you can decrease your skin’s dryness, greasiness and irritation while promoting elasticity and radiance. Discover the heavenly bouquet of Thai jasmine as it gives your skin an aroma reminiscent of the bygone Far East.

Lemongrass Soothing Body Treatment - 90 minutes

With its sharp, fresh and lemony aroma, lemongrass boasts soothing and antiseptic properties that are excellent for skin balancing and toning. Experience lemongrass, mandarin and bergamot, all effectively combined to rid the skin of unwanted dead cells and give it a uniquely soothing aroma.

Skin Nourisher - 75 minutes

A skin treatment that graciously brings about softness and fairness to your skin, the Skin Nourisher begins with a Siamese Uplifting Body Polish enriched with brightening orange peels and rejuvenating green tea. Draw out harmful pollutants trapped in the skin with a following delicate body detoxifier consisting of mineral-rich deep sea clay, honey, clove and tangerine. Complete the experience with a heavenly scented and nourishing skin treat for utter suppleness and radiance.

Solitude Soothing Massage - 60/90 minutes

Awaken and invigorate your senses with the delicately fresh zest and good manna of lemongrass and mandarin. Let their scents and healing properties switch off your overworked mind and reconnect you with your inner balance. The amazing, reviving properties of lemongrass and mandarin will clear your energy pathways and deliver a stimulating flow of vibrant energy that brightens your soul.

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