Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Istanbul Tuzla

Pañpuri Facials

Experience the legendary healing and aromatic virtues of the purest white jasmine blossom essences with Pañpuri’s Jasmine Signature Facial.

Using exclusive skincare Jasmine Free-Radical Defense Complex (JFDC), inspired by Thailand’s most sacred flower, this comforting facial boasts hydrating and antioxidant properties that amplify your skin’s defense against aging, letting it look younger, firmer and more luminous.

This ultra-rich facial treatment answers your skin’s needs and promptly restores much-needed luster. The result is your inner self radiating a softer, smoother and firmer complexion.

  • JFDC Nourishing Facial for normal to dry skin - 75 minutes
  • JFDC Rebalancing Facial for oily and combination skin - 75 minutes
  • JFDC Restorative Eye Treatment for all skin types -  45 minutes 
  • JFDC Total Indulgence Facial for mature skin types - 75 minutes

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