Attractions in Istanbul

As the world's only city to span two continents, Istanbul offers visitors a host of unique experiences.

Taking into account its influences from Arabic traditions and Islam, the Roman Empire, Russia and Western Europe, Istanbul presents architecture, art and a culture all its own. Having once been the principal city of many empires, including the Byzantine and Ottoman, Istanbul also provides plenty of historical attractions.

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Sights of Istanbul
Narrowing down things to do in such a large city can be difficult, but you will find a few must-see attractions in Istanbul. Start off at Hagia Sophia, a former Orthodox Church and mosque that embodies the confluence of Eastern and Western influences in Istanbul with its towering spires and Islamic calligraphy. Carry on to the Chora Church, a classic example of Byzantine architecture featuring exquisitely rendered religious mosaics.

Round out your day in Istanbul with further explorations into ancient architecture at the following attractions:

- Sultan Ahmed Mosque - a sprawling 17th-century mosque
- Basilica Cisterns - subterranean water chambers built in the 6th century
- Hippodrome of Constantinople - an ancient horse-racing track in Istanbul

Outdoor activities in Istanbul
The Bosphorus Strait - which splits Istanbul along Asia and Europe - as well as the Sea of Mamara, offer visitors the chance to see the city from afar with leisurely cruises. Take a load off weary feet by booking a cruise tour or get active by sailing or power boating yourself.

For those who'd rather stick to the shores, Istanbul offers some of the finest beaches in Turkey, with the convenience of a big city to back them up.

Art and nightlife in Istanbul
Steeped in history, Istanbul is a haven for creative activity. Stop by the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum to see traditional works collected over the years in the city. For a more contemporary taste of Istanbul, visit the Istanbul Modern Museum for cutting edge artwork with Western influences.

At night, visitors can be wowed at the Turkish Dance Night at Hodjapasha, where performers dance to traditional and modern arrangements in intricate costumes.

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