Istanbul bazaars

Enticing aromas, exotic spices, jewellery and beautiful carpets are among the items available at Istanbul bazaars, where a flavour of Turkey’s most cultural and historic city can really be savoured while shopping at stalls that the locals also visit.

The Radisson Blu Conference & Airport Hotel, Istanbul is ideally located for trips to the main retail districts just 20km away. Guest wanting to go shopping in Istanbul can enjoy local markets, haggling at bazaars, or visit the city’s many high end malls for designer labels.

Shopping in Istanbul
Istanbul has a lot to offer shoppers from all over the world, with high street brands selling in fashionable retail outlets like Armani and Pierre Cardin. To experience the local culture and cuisine visitors browsing the bazaars of Istanbul can walk through bustling markets that are popular with locals and tourists alike.

The Grand Bazaar was constructed in 1461 and with 5,000 shops it is one of the largest covered markets in the world. A huge range of souvenirs, spices, pottery, textiles and more are sold by eager stall-owners who are always willing to haggle over price. Shoppers prepared to barter have the chance to buy traditional gifts to take home while creating unforgettable memories of their trip.

Retail therapy
After walking the heaving aisles of the main markets, many smaller bazaars in Istanbul offer a range of food and drink. Visitors to the Arasta Bazaar can have a bite to eat, sampling the delicious local flavours and delicacies, while reviving their energy for the shops.

Istanbul Bazaars are an inspiring way to experience the sounds and smells of Turkey’s cultural and historic heart, walking through busy market alleys. The Radisson Blu Conference & Airport Hotel, Istanbul offers the perfect relaxing retreat to guests after a busy day shopping.