Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Asia

Atasehir District

Discover Atesehir District, the area surrounding the Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Asia. Atasehir is one of the most modern suburbs of the city and is home to the continually developing Istanbul financial district making Radisson Blu a well-positioned hotel for any business trip. The area's most important organizations and company headquarters can be easily accessed and the hotel offers fantastic business facilities allowing you to maximize any working visit to the city.

A financial center

The city accounts for over a quarter of Turkey's entire gross domestic product, with Istanbul's financial district and the companies housed here contributing greatly to the country's economic prosperity. This is reinforced by Istanbul's position as the gateway between Asia and Europe, making it the ideal location for businesses to operate. In Atasehir you will find many international names, with offices from the banking, financial and architectural industries. Atasehir has already undergone significant development, which is only set to increase in the coming years. The city officials claim that Istanbul Finance Center continues to grow and potentially rival the traditional economic powerhouses of New York, London and Tokyo.

Exploring the area

Even if you are not visiting on business, Atasehir is an interesting area to explore with many shiny skyscrapers towering over more traditional parts of the city. This stark contrast shows how this once historic city is developing into a contemporary hub. If you are keen on architecture, look around you as there are plenty of photo opportunities. As with any emerging district, there is plenty to do nearby, including shopping and leisure spaces such as cinemas and tennis courts. When it is time to replenish, stop for a bite to eat at one of the many cafés and restaurants in the area and sample some typical Turkish flavors or your favorite international cuisines.