Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Asia

Beylerbeyi Palace

Constructed by Architects Sarkis and Agop Balyan in the late 19th century, the Beylerbeyi Palace commands the Bosphorus with the authority of its former Sultan owners. Originally conceived as a summer retreat for Ottoman rulers, it is now one of the finest palaces in Istanbul. The palace was designed in French baroque style, but still remains true to traditional Ottoman features.

The interior

It was constructed between 1861 and 1865 and has been visited by royal dignitaries such as Empress Eugenie of France and King Edward VIII of Britain. The interior is built across three spectacular floors, with six large halls and over 20 rooms that are now accessible to the public. Within the palace, much of the design is beautifully symmetrical and European influences are very clear. For example, the furniture includes French clocks, crystal chandeliers and stately halls. The selection of porcelain on display includes influences from Turkey, China and Japan so there is a clear eclectic mix.

The gardens

Its terraced gardens have charmed visitors to Istanbul since their opening over a century ago and continue to house an impressive array of exotic plants set against the backdrop of the vivid blue Bosphorus. There are plenty of mature trees decorating the grounds as well as two pavilions and a terraced garden. On the upper terrace there is also a pool and fountain. The stables have 20 stalls and an ornate ceiling decorated with horse paintings. By the sea, you can envision where the sultans used to sit and enjoy the views, whilst sipping on their tea or coffee.

The palace is open for visiting daily, except Mondays and Thursdays (and religious holidays) between 09:30-16:00. It is located 13km from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Asia and our receptionists will be happy to assist you with directions on how to reach it.