Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Asia

Maidens Tower

Shrouded in myth and history, the Maidens Tower in Istanbul has become one of the city's most iconic attractions. The sturdy structure sits on a small islet at the entrance to the Bosphurus, welcoming visitors to Istanbul in one form or another for centuries.

Holidaymakers staying at a city centre hotel in Istanbul will be well placed to explore the beauty and legends surrounding the Maiden Tower. The Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Asia sits close to the main crossing point of the Bosphorus, offering guests almost unparalleled access to some of the city's most impressive attractions.

Why visit the Maiden Tower?
The Maiden Tower was first constructed during the Byzantine period and has been captured, destroyed and rebuilt by various besiegers and natural disasters throughout Istanbul's tumultuous history.

Visitors have been drawn to the Maiden Tower in Istanbul for decades due to the legends associated with the place. The most popular is that a Turkish sultan constructed the tower to protect his daughter, who it was prophesised would be bitten by a snake on her 18th birthday. She eventually died on the islet when her father inadvertently brought an asp to her when visiting on that very birthday - endowing the tower with its name.

The stunning Maiden Tower has now been converted into a popular restaurant and café where tourists can enjoy magnificent views of Istanbul skyline.

Staying in Istanbul
Those wishing to visit the inspiring Maiden Tower can enjoy its delights from the well-located Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Asia. This stylish hotel in Istanbul has one of the best on-site restaurants in the city and provides gests with relaxing spa and sauna facilities to enjoy after a night dining at Maidens Tower.