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Al-Balad, the historic centre of Jeddah, literally translates as 'The City' and was founded in the 7th century.

Though Al-Balad's original city walls came down in the 1940s, its unique architecture remains. From the old city gates and historic mosques to a variety of traditional markets (souks), there's plenty to see and do in the Al-Balad section of Jeddah.

Al-Balad is memorable for its distinctive and tight-knit alleyways, streets, piazzas and quads, which provide relief from the direct heat of the sun. However, nestled amongst the traditional structures of Al-Balad, high-end shopping centres featuring fashion from Paris and Milan stand alongside the headquarters of large Saudi companies.

Attractions within Al-Balad
Al-Balad is comprised of four old quarters: the Al-Sham, Al-Mazloom, Al-Bahar and Al-Yaman. Several mosques, such as the Al-Basha, Ukash and the Al-Hanafi - each with histories spanning centuries and inspiring architecture, can be found here.

Shoppers can peruse Al-Balad's many souks, including the Al-Saghah (a jewellery souk), the Al-Nada Souq and the Al-Alaweey for deals on handmade goods. The old gate and walls of Jeddah also provide much interest for those looking for elements of the old world in Al-Balad.

Other attractions within Jeddah
The Al-Balad lies just five minutes away from the Radisson Blu Hotel Jeddah, an ideal location from which to explore other places during your stay.

Tahlia Street, Jeddah's famous upscale shopping street, is a short walk away from the Radisson Blu. Nearby, the Corniche seaside promenade offers splendid sea views to be taken at your leisure as you stroll along its seafront.