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Visit historical Biet Nassif

No trip to Jeddah is complete without a walk through the old city Al Balad, where you can admire longstanding structures such as the Biet Nassif. This five-story building is over a century old and stands out from the crowd even among the impressive architecture found all over Al Balad. Here you can step into history and learn more about ancient Jeddah, its culture and its way of life.

The history of Biet Nassif

Heralded as a stunning example of old Arabic architectural styles combined with more modern sensibilities, the Biet Nassif draws many visitors to old town each year. It's name means "House Nassif", named after the clan that has owned the building for generations. The structure towers five stories above the surrounding landscape, as it has since its construction in the mid-1800's. Biet Nassif is also great spot for anyone interested in photography. Spending some time on one of the open roof tops during prayer hours is also a great experience.

An important piece of Jeddah's history

Located on one of the city's main thoroughfares, Suq al Alawi, Biet Nassif has been central to the city for decades. Saudi Arabia's founder, King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud even spent a night in the house after conquering Jeddah. For years the house boasted the one and only tree in the city, an Indian Neem tree. Today, Biet Nassif serves primarily as a museum for the city, with a collection of historical artifacts, to match its unique architecture, housed within.

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