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Radisson Blu Hotel, Jeddah

Soak in the sun at Jeddah Beach

Considered by many to be the finest in all of Jeddah, this beach is a private club nestled along the shores of the Red Sea. Here you can spend a few hours soaking up the sun to complete your Jeddah holiday. As it is a private beach there is an entrance fee but bikinis are allowed and there are plenty of sunbeds from which to enjoy the sun. If you're a male traveling alone you won't be able to enter the beach, so make sure to bring your friends or family. Jeddah Beach is very popular, especially among westerners, and can get crowded during weekends. Apart from the opportunities to bask on the sand the waters also offer opportunities to snorkel and dive.

Sunbathe, splash and more

This Western-style beach along the Red Sea coast has been a favorite destination for relaxing days out since its opening. Jeddah Beach stretches as far as the eye can see, with lounge chairs and umbrellas available for visitors. In addition to being a prime spot for sunbathing, the beach has a delightful swimming area plus spaces for water sports. When the sand is covering your body you can use the beach's own showers to rinse off. There are also restrooms available.

Enjoying the beach in style

This pristine beach, covered in white sand and with turquoise crystal-clear waters, is the perfect opportunity for a watery break during your stay. Remember to bring sunblock as the sun can be unforgiving in this subtropical climate.

After a day out, whether spent on the sand or exploring the city's cultural treasures, travelers can be assured a peaceful night's rest at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Jeddah. Take a tour of the city and see the Biet Nassif or dive into the depths of the Red Sea with Desert Sea Divers and return to our hotel, your home away from home.