Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Jersey

Things to Do in Jersey

Visitors to the beautiful island of Jersey will find a wide selection of things to see and do. Whether you are into historical sites, sports or relaxing by the beach, you will have plenty of options to choose between.

Historical sites and attractions

Located closer to France than the United Kingdom, Jersey has been in the crossfire of many battles and conflicts throughout history. Across the island, you will see traces of history everywhere. Just opposite of the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel in Jersey, the imposing medieval Elizabeth Castle makes an impressive appearance. On the most eastern tip of the island, Mont Orgueil Castle overlooks the waters between Jersey and the French coast and is also a must-see for any history buff. Another famous attraction is the Jersey War Tunnels, which stretch for about a kilometre underground in St. Lawrence. Built by the occupying German forces during WWII, the tunnels were supposed to function as a German hospital, but were never fully completed. If you are interested in visiting more than one of Jersey’s heritage sites, buying a Heritage Pass will be a great tip.

Sports and recreation

If you are into sports and recreational activities, Jersey is the place to be. Surrounded by water, the island features many beautiful beaches perfect for all kinds of watersports. Try surfing and windsurfing along the west coast, or diving and kayaking in the calmer waters on the south and east coast. There are also a number of things to do that don’t involve getting into the water. Go for a round of golf at one of the premium golf clubs that are popular with both locals and visitors, or check out one of the tennis clubs around St. Helier. A great way to explore Jersey is to either walk the Green Lanes, which will take you through some of the most scenic routes on the island, or go for a mountain bike ride on the 563 kilometres of designated bike trails.