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Sports Events in Jersey

Explore a variety of Jersey international sports events

Jersey is a major destination for high profile sports events all year. Whether visiting Jersey for its cycling and boat races in the spring or for the Jersey Marathon in the autumn, visitors can take in Jersey's unique sporting, cultural and culinary offerings amidst picturesque English Channel surroundings.

Other Sports Events in Jersey throughout the year
Jersey has a strong cultural identity, and its calendar of sports events reflects the island's pride in achievement. Anyone can participate in the Jersey Marathon, which takes place each October and sees competitors cross a variety of terrain including traffic controlled roads and tranquil country lanes. Jersey Marathon runners compete for cash prizes and trophies while raising money for charitable causes.

The Jersey Festival of Cycling in June sees dozens of the UK's top professional cyclists competing in three separate events, and with other exhilarating events such as the Jersey International Tennis Tournament and the Jersey Sports Association for the Disabled Games, Jersey affords the perfect destination for active sporting breaks. Dates for all festivals and sports events can be found in the hotel's Events Calendar.

If visiting Jersey for the marathon or another sports event, visitors find excellent accommodation at this Channel Island retreat, which offers fabulous views of the South Coast from deluxe rooms year round.