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Radisson Hotel, Kaliningrad

The House of Soviets

Discover the history of the House of the Soviets

The House of Soviets was built in the mid-20th century by the government, to be an administration building for the Kaliningrad Oblast. However, prior to World War II, the ground of the House of Soviets had been the site of Konigsberg Castle, a towering structure of importance in the East Prussian kingdom.

An Allied raid on Kaliningrad left the castle in ruins, and the Soviets built the house to sweep away the remnants of German and Prussian influence on the city. Construction of the House of Soviets lasted several decades as interest in the project flagged. After the fall of the USSR, the House was painted light blue for the reception of then-President Vladimir Putin.

Go beyond the House of Soviets in Kaliningrad
Though the House of Soviets is a much-discussed sight in Kaliningrad, you'll also find much more in the city when choosing accommodation in Kaliningrad with Radisson Hotel Kaliningrad. From day trips to the Curonian Spit National Park or a visit to the summer Don Chento Jazz Festival, there's something to suit every interest in Kaliningrad.