Radisson Blu Hotel, Karlsruhe

Palace Karlsruhe

The palace of Karlsruhe was built by margrave Karl Wilhelm von Baden-Durlach in 1715 and served as residence of the margraves and grand dukes of Baden until 1918. In the second World War, the castle was damaged by bombing raids and finally fell victim to flames in 1944. Having been rebuilt between 1955 and 1966, it serves today as home of the museum "Badisches Landesmuseum" as well as of a part of the German Federal Constitutional Court.

The Radisson Blu Hotel is an ideal Karlsruhe accommodation, only 15 min from the palace of Karlsruhe, and a perfect starting point for your visit of the historic buildings as well as the palace gardens and the forecourt. The palace gardens include a multitude of monuments and fountains from various epochs. Another highlight is the botanical garden in the western area of the palace gardens. The palace of Karlsruhe is definitely worth a visit!

Further sights in the palace of Karlsruhe
Do not miss the chance to visit the "Badisches Landesmuseum", containing the art history museum of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Children, teenagers and adults of all age groups are invited to experience with all senses the prehistory and protohistory of the region up to the 21st century.

Moreover, the palace is home to fabulous castle concerts, which are offered for free for all music lovers.