Radisson Blu Hotel Kashgar

Places to Visit in Kashgar


During your stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel Kashgar, explore historic nearby sites like the Id Kah Mosque, Abakh Khoja Tomb or Three Immortals Buddhist Caves. If you only have time to see Kashi between meetings, Donghu Park and the Grand Bazaar are close to the hotel so that you can stretch your legs while you walk through the park’s pavilion or shop the stalls at the market. For guests who have time to explore, venture out to beautiful Karakul Lake or travel further to see the magnificent Stone City.

Nearby attractions:

  • Kirzlesu River - 0.5 km
  • Donghu Park - 1.8 km
  • Grand Bazaar - 3 km
  • People’s Park - 3 km
  • Abakh Khoja Tomb - 4 km
  • Id Kah Mosque - 5 km
  • Three Immortals Buddhist Caves - 20 km
  • Karakul Lake - 200 km
  • Stone City - 300 km