Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv

Summer Weekends in Kyiv

During the warmer months, Ukraine offers many outdoor activities, including food and music festivals, beach clubs and extreme parks. The beautiful nature of the area is the perfect backdrop for a long weekend stay in Kyiv or a short break during your business trip.

Visit one of many popular open-air festivals during the weekend. They usually take place in central squares or parks. There, you can try different food, buy local products and souvenirs and get acquainted with popular restaurants or Ukrainian designers.

Take a break during your business trip in Kyiv by visiting the river beach clubs with their summer entertainment complexes, gourmet restaurants, large outdoor pools, playgrounds and volleyball courts. To cool down on a very hot day, visit the entertainment complexes with open pools. One rooftop pool is situated in the center of the city, boasting a spectacular view of the entire capital. Soft bungalows and low mattresses in the middle of the green can be found on the Dniper river. 

For a more relaxed stay, visit our parks in Kyiv to explore the unique landscapes of the area. Stay cool in the shade from old lindens, maples and chestnut trees of the Mariyinsky Park, which is around 130 years old, or take a walk in the blossoming botanical garden. 

Plan your summer stay in Kyiv according to your tastes and interests. To make this vacation perfect, book your stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv. Located in the center of the city, this home away from home offers guests unrivaled access to the best summer activities.