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Museums in Krakow

With over 20 museums, Krakow offers a breadth of culture through its numerous art collections and public galleries. The city has more museums than any other in Poland and this is the perfect place to take a walk back into history, learn about how the nation was shaped and explore contemporary culture.

Wawel Castle National Collections

Wawel Castle is a national art museum and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the first stops for visitors and for good reason. It contains many exhibitions within its walls, featuring furniture, paintings by Polish artists and a display of 16th-century Flemish tapestries. The Treasury and Armory houses features royal memorabilia jewels and arms. You can also visit the Royal Apartments.

National Museum

The National Museum is the city’s largest and has multiple branches, including the Main Building and Barbican. The Main Building is home to three permanent galleries:
  • Gallery of Arms and Uniforms
  • Gallery of Decorative Arts
  • Gallery of 20th Century Polish Art
The museum ranks among the richest in the country. It has a collection of over 750,000 items including sculptures, armory, coins, paintings and other art works, including permanent displays from the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Jan Mostaert. It also hosts many temporary exhibitions.

Barbican City Gate Not your typical museum, but definitely worth a mention. This outdoor museum is open from April to November. It is one of the remaining pieces of the city’s defense walls and was the main city gate surrounded by a moat and accessible by drawbridge. The Barbican was built to protect the entrance to the city in the 15th century. Known as a masterpiece of Medieval engineering, it is one of the only if its kind in Europe. Barbican is surrounded by a beautiful green park, also worth a stroll around.

This is just a glimpse into the city’s cultural offerings. There are many other museums and institutions worth visiting such as St. Mary’s Basilica, the Museum of Pharmacy, Museum of Amber and much more. These are all easy to reach from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Krakow.