Radisson Blu Caledonien Hotel, Kristiansand


When in Kristiansand, you should make sure to take some time to visit Baneheia. This hiking area might just be one of the most idyllic outdoor areas in the whole of Southern Norway. It is easily accessible with no more than a stone’s throw from the city centre. Just walk straight through the vibrant Kvadraturen which leads to the forest. West of Baneheia, is the amazing Ravnedalen Park where both food and culture can be enjoyed at Café Generalen.

With a variety of trails and tracks, small ponds, lookouts and a bustling wildlife the recreational area has something for anyone. Sunbathe, go for a swim, jog, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Why ‘Baneheia’?
The woodland area is named after ‘Reberbanen’. Traditionally this was a rope walk where plant fibres were entwined and turned into ropes and hawsers. Rope walks have very often been connected to shipyards, so to find something like this in a coastal city such as Kristiansand is nothing to be puzzled about. On the oldest maps of Baneheia there was nothing but a small pond, from which as small stream provided drinking water for both locals and ships ashore.

Today the area is made up of a beautiful cultivated landscape which contains three ponds as well as the Christiania fjord. The ponds were a source of drinking water for locals from 1843, and in 1860. General Wergeland made a huge effort to plant trees, construct stairs and trails in what, today, is known as Baneheia.

Accommodation in Kristiansand’s Centre
When the city was founded in 1641 the area Baneheia was gifted to the citizens of Kristiansand. Since then it has developed into a very popular leisure and recreational area. With its nearness to the city and residential areas, the delightful blend of forest, waters, marked trails and skiing, areas makes it a favourite with the locals, year round.

Radisson Blu Caledonien Hotel, Kristiansand is an excellent choice for anyone who wants central accommodation in the city. Located within walking distance attractions, shopping and recreational areas, such as Odderøya and Baneheia, the hotel makes it easy to enjoy your stay in this beautiful city.