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Begin by walking through an area called Baneheia, past swimming ponds and hiking trails. The path will lead you into a park which looks like something from a fairy tale. Imagine bright green grass, a small pond with ducks and swans swimming peacefully, hiking trails – all surrounded by steep rock walls. This is Ravnedalen, an impressive sight, whether you enter it from Baneheia by foot or from Grimsmyra by car. The park is also used for concerts and other cultural activities, and has its own permanent stage.

From Grimsmoen to Ravnedalen
Ravnedalen has not always been as idyllic looking as it is today. Before it was turned into a park the valley served as a camp for around 1200 soldiers, under the name Grimsmoen. Originally the area was intended to be turned into a shooting range, but the plans were stopped in the 1860s by General Joseph Frantz Oscar Wergeland. He saw potential in the place and in 1872 he asked the bankfor funds to create a park.

Soldiers replaced guns with shovels and seeds, and slowly Ravnedalen started to take form. A statue of the General was raised in his honour, and you can still see a spruce planted in 1875. In 1991, the park was even named “the green park of the year” by the Norwegian trade organisation for landscape gardeners and contractors.

For good food and a charming atmosphere, when visiting Ravnedalen, stop by Café Generalen, located in the little red house. Rumours are that nothing beats the hamburger. With a high rating from a food critic at the local newspaper, Fædrelandsvennen this indicates that this is more than just a rumour.

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No other park can be compared to Ravnedalen. The beautiful and bewitching atmosphere, framed by cliffs and trees, leaves an unforgettable impression. Combine this with a concert or a show and this park will stay with you forever.

Kristiansand’s diversity means that there will always be exciting things to experience in the city. With accommodation at the central Radisson Blu Caledonien Hotel, Kristiansand, it will all be within easy reach, whether it is shopping, entertainment, attractions or landmarks. If visiting Ravnedalen is the objective of the day, it is easy to slip into your hiking shoes and walk through Baneheia or via the Grim district.