Brain Food

Brain Food enhances productivity at Kristiansand conferences

Radisson Blu has developed a special Brain Food philosophy based on food that nourishes both the mind and body. By keeping blood sugars stable and providing essential nutrients, Brain Food snacks elevate concentration levels throughout meetings, conferences, seminars, training sessions and more. This programme helps meeting delegates avoid the all-too-common "sugar crash" that follows lunch -- a problem that is temporarily resolved with a bowl of sweets. With Brain Food, you can achieve more stable blood sugar levels to sustain your cognitive functioning and make the most of your time.

Six Brain Food principles:

  • A focus on good taste and satisfying the senses
  • Offering natural sweeteners and never more than 10% added sugar
  • Offering pure ingredients with minimal industrial processing
  • Providing primarily fresh, locally sourced ingredients
  • Serving less meat, with a maximum 10% fat content
  • Serving lots of fish, wholegrain products, fruit and vegetables