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Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait

Events in Kuwait

Throughout the year, there are several festivals and events you may join. Enjoy the music, dance, national celebrations and more so make sure you get involved in one of the following when visiting:

Cultural occasions

Hala February or Welcome February
This is an annual festival of cultural events during which you will be able to find some great shopping deals. It is a month-long celebration commemorating the liberation of Kuwait, that provides visitors with wonderful opportunities to experience the country’s culture and traditions.

Kuwait National Day
One of the most popular celebrations held annually is the National Day, which falls during the Hala February festivities. The event is about harmony, unity and remembrance. Kuwaiti people dress in traditional clothes and the streets are filled with the national colors and flags.

Trade and business events

Kuwait International Trade Fair
Held annually in spring at the Kuwait International Fairground, this is one of the city’s most significant trade events, attracting exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Here, companies from across the world have a chance to promote and showcase their businesses, through seminars, meetings exhibitions and more.

Kuwait International Energy and Petroleum Conference and Exhibition
The conference focuses on companies and organizations involved in the oil and gas sector.
The executive and regulatory committees include a group of eminent and important figures in the oil and IT sectors to lead this highly developed event in Kuwait, ensuring that the conference and visitors will be given accurate and valuable information about the future of the global oil industry.

Kuwait International Perfumes and Cosmetics Exhibition
The perfume and cosmetics exhibition held at the Kuwait International Fairground brings together the traditional fragrances and aromatic oils that characterize the Arabian Gulf region as well as the most famous international brands. The event attracts many cosmetic professionals who wants showcase and promote their products and services.

If visiting the city for one of these events then be sure to get yourself some comfortable accommodation. Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait offers upscale rooms for visitors to the city.