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Civic Center Lagos

Located in the attractive waterfront district of Victoria Island lies one of the premier meeting and conference venues in Lagos, the Civic Center. This architecturally impressive center is located right in the heart of the business and financial district of Lagos, making it one of the first choices for professionals traveling to West Africa.

A busy venue and striking architecture

Lagos has many great venues, such as the MUSON Center, which plays host to exceptional cultural events year-round. But for business conferences and exhibitions, the Civic Center brings class and style to the equation. Lagos has the biggest economy in the region, and in fact, Nigeria has the largest on the African continent, so the center is often busy, drawing important visitors to its 3 banqueting rooms and 2 meeting rooms. The Civic Center’s exterior matches the vibrancy of the business environment inside. The building has a spectacular design composed of tiered layers that grow larger in scale the higher the building gets. On top of the structure are the struts and cross-sections of a sweeping archway that are brilliantly illuminated at night.

Enjoying business and leisure in Lagos

The Civic Center is a world-class venue for business and when you attend a conference or meeting at the venue, you will undoubtedly be impressed with the standards of service available. The dedication and professionalism on display speak volumes about the superb business environment that Lagos presents.

Victoria Island has become the beating heart of the Lagos business scene, and sites like the Civic Center are shining beacons signaling the importance of the area. When visiting the city on business, the Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Lagos V.I. perfectly complements your stay with premier business facilities. From this hotel on Victoria Island, the important business district is within easy reach.