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If you are a fan of history and are visiting Lagos make sure you have time for a trip to Freedom Park. Located on Lagos Island, just a short distance from the rich cultural splendor of Oba’s Palace, this recreational oasis is one of the premier highlights of the city. 

Where the past meets the future

Freedom Park perfectly encapsulates the invincible Nigerian spirit, looking back at both a difficult past centered around the slave trade and an increasing optimistic present and future. The Freedom Park is situated in the imposing, broad, white-washed walls of what used to be a colonial prison that held prominent Nigerians in the past. Lagos-born architect, Theo Lawson, had a vision to transform this symbol of oppression into a place of peace and hope, and founded Freedom Park. The building and surrounding area acts not only as a memorial to Nigerian history, but also a leisure space in which events, recreational activities and entertainment often take place. 

Vibrant events in the heart of the city

Freedom Park, with its ponds, fountains and gardens, is a popular meeting point and center hosts a great range of events and activities. The open-air stage and amphi-theater are often used for music and culture, from African drumming displays to traditional dancing. Nigerian culture is brought to life in the broad spaces that make up this green space in the city. 

Freedom Park is located just 15 minutes away from the modern Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, and whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, you will find that the short trip to the Freedom Park in Lagos is definitely more than worthwhile.