Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Lagos, V.I.

Lekki Market

Among many other things, Lagos is a city of enterprise and business and if you want to enjoy one of the most intense local cultural experiences here then make your way to the Lekki Market. Like Freedom Park, the market is a living testament to the past that reflects the character of the interesting Lagos city. However, where the Freedom Park is a relaxed oasis, the Lekki Market is busy and bustling. The buzz of trade that runs through the narrow streets of the market combined with an array of local crafts, knick-knacks and Nigerian artefacts, provide great bargains for visitors looking for unique, Nigerian goods from a traditional market. 

Bargain hunting and haggling

There is a great range of local goods available at the Lekki Market, from handmade craft beads to carved artifacts that serve as perfect mementos for any trip to Lagos. Bargain hunters and those in search of unique goods will surely enjoy a trip to the market as there is no shortage of hidden treasures among the warren of ramshackle streets that make up this market. Haggling is a way of life to the traders of the market, and you will find that a determined and fair attitude will be rewarded with great discounts. There is something especially rewarding about getting a hard-won bargain, and this popular Lagos market is full of potential for this sense of satisfaction.

Enjoying the old and new

Centers of trade like the Lekki Market have been at the heart of Nigerian life for countless years and give you a great opportunity to get a taste for such cultural highlights. The market can be found among the streets of the Lekki peninsula, just a short journey away from Victoria Island, the hotspot for business in Lagos.

The Radisson Blu is perfectly situated to take advantage of both the new and old worlds of business with its location on Victoria Island, where Nigerian and international business is flourishing. From this stylish hotel, you will only be a short distance from the old-world charm of the Lekki Market and the cutting-edge commerce of Lagos.