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Tafawa Balewa

Named after Nigeria's first prime minister, Tafawa Balewa Square is situated in the center of Lagos. Surrounded by imposing buildings and memorials, the square is in constant use for a variety of celebrations and official functions.

Situated in the center of Lagos Island's commercial district, Tafawa Balewa Square was where Nigeria celebrated its independence on 1 October 1960. Prime Minister Balewa announced the country's independence in a speech held at the square.

Features of Tafawa Balewa Square
The square features an imposing entrance gate with 4 giant white horses and 7 red eagles suspended above the gateway. The façade will strike awe into visitors, but once you pass through the gates, you will see that Tafawa Balewa features several other dramatic buildings bordering the square as well.

One of these includes the 26-story Independence House, which at one time was the tallest building in Nigeria, and the Remembrance Arcade, containing memorials to those who fought in WWI, WWII and the country's civil war.

Tafawa Balewa Square is also home to the multipurpose Onikan Stadium and the Nigerian National Assembly building. A short walk from the square you'll find the National Museum, featuring the Benin City brasses, traditional ivory carvings, royal crowns and the Nok Terracottas - some of the world's most ancient artwork. The museum also contains a non-profit crafts center.

Staying at the Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Lagos
Situated on the Lagos Lagoon waterfront area of Victoria Island, the hotel sits right in the heart of the city's financial district and close to attractions such as Tafawa Balewa Square.

Located just 40 kilometers from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport and 3.5 kilometers from the Tarzan Jetty, you'll also find convenient transportation throughout Lagos with Radisson Blu.