Radisson Blu Hotel, Leeds

Royal Armouries

Do you want a fun, yet informative look into the history of the United Kingdom? Then a visit to the Leeds Royal Armouries Museum is an absolute must. Here you’ll find row upon row of swords, pikes, muskets and armour reaching into the sky. Entrance to the museum is free and once inside a grand total of six galleries and plenty of activities await you.

Exciting exhibitions 

The Royal Armouries feature different exhibitions spread across five floors. In the War Gallery you can take a closer look into the development of weapons and the art of warfare, from early history until today. The Hunting Gallery presents the history and evolution of hunting, while the Oriental Gallery concentrates upon the great civilisations of Asia. At the very heart of the Royal Armouries you will find the Hall of Steel. It can be seen from every floor and offers views of mass displays of arms and armour, featuring more than 2500 objects. If you are a history buff then these massive collections will take you on a walk through history unlike any other.

Immerse yourself in history

 The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds holds events throughout the year, ranging from daily talks and workshops to exhibitions and performances. If you are travelling with children then they can head to the Jester’s Yard, where they can dress up, try their hand at juggling or even make their own shields, swords and crowns to take home. If you are a hot shot then you can try your hand at the crossbow range.
With a room at Radisson Blu Hotel, Leeds, you are in the heart of the city with all the sights and activities close by. Make your way by foot to the Royal Armouries or hop on public transport to get there with ease. After a day of interesting arms and armour, you can head to Roundhay Park to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.