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Hyde Park

You may be surprised to find such a sprawling, green space right in the middle of the city when you see Hyde Park, which is one of Central London’s largest parks. Come summertime, locals and visitors can be found lounging on the grass enjoying the interesting mix of serenity and activity it attracts. The space is often used as the venue for several open-air events and there are some interesting attractions inside and around, including the all-important Buckingham Palace.

Concerts, events and great speeches

Hyde Park has always been a popular concert venue. Live8 took place here and it is the venue for the massive British Summer Time festival. Acts like the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Queen, Florence + The Machine and Sir Paul McCartney have entertained crowds here.

On special royal occasions, you are in for a treat. On the grassy lawns, salutes are fired by the King’s Military with cannons, fancy uniforms, horses and soldiers all adding to the spectacle.

Hyde Park is famous for being home to the Speakers’ Corner, where opinionated Londoners stand and speak about whichever topic they feel needs an audience. Historically this corner is where great minds like George Orwell and Karl Marx would put forward their ideas. The importance of this space was recognised by the state and since, it has been reserved for public speaking. Plenty of lively debates have taken place here so if you like to learn new perspectives, then come by and have a listen and maybe even speak yourself.

Top things to do in this royal park

Formally owned by the monarchy, Hyde Park is one of four parks that sit side by side and lead up to Buckingham Palace. You can take a walk through the green gardens and onwards to the palace, stopping by the park’s attractions on your way. As well as plenty of statues and monuments and a rose garden, there is the impressive Marble Arch for you to ponder. This huge structure is on the northeast corner, a stone’s throw from the Radisson Blu Portland Hotel, London. There is also a metro stop here, meaning you can navigate their way through the city with ease.