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Marble Arch

Those who visit Hyde Park are sure to be amazed by the magnificent architecture of Marble Arch. Inspired by Paris’ Arc de Triomphe and Rome’s Arch of Constantine, this landmark was intricately designed to make you stop and stare. Originally allowing only the Royal Family to pass under its ornately decorated arches, you can now step through and grab some beautiful photos as you pass into the park.

From Buckingham Palace to Hyde Park

Marble Arch may now stand at the northeast corner of Hyde Park, however this is not its original home. This imposing piece of architecture was built as the state entrance to the Cour d’honneur of Buckingham Palace for the royal family. Around 1850, this gateway was moved in order to enable the expansion of the palace and the three small rooms at the top of the structure served as a police station. Interestingly, the new location is also where the old Tyburn Gallows, or Tyburn Tree, stood for public executions. Nowadays there are three trees planted in a triangle to symbolise the triangle shape of the gallows and in the centre a plaque marking the site.

One of London’s royal landmarks

The arch has become one of the city’s famous landmarks thanks to its excellent architecture and interesting history. It boasts Corinthian columns lining its three arches and, while still at Buckingham Palace, it was decorated with detailed sculptures. Since then, the sculptures have been removed and given new homes. One such work that King George commissioned of himself, was made for the arch, but ended up at Trafalgar Square.