Hotel Deals

Radisson in Motion

This offer includes:

  • Accommodation for two nights in a Comfort Class room
  • Super breakfast buffet every morning
  • Welcome present in you room: a bottle Olive Oil
  • Four course dinner à la carte in our Italian Restaurant LaBaracca in the opposite Park Inn by Radisson
  • Three-course dinner à la carte in beer- and wine tavern Kogge
  • Ticket for a museum of your choice excluded European Hanseatic Museum
  • Free access to the Casino Lübeck (opposite in the sister hotel Park Inn by Radisson)

On the Tracks of the Buddenbrooks

Fans of the writers Thomas and Heinrich Mann can visit the Buddenbrook House in Lübeck and experience its large gothic cellar and vaults as well as an extensive photo gallery documenting the lives of this literary family. Spend two nights at the Radisson Blu Senator Hotel in Lübeck and get tickets to the house, a copy of "The Buddenbrooks" and a special themed Buddenbrook four-course dinner.

Candlelit in Lübeck

The Radisson Blu Senator Hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the fairytale-like city centre and is the perfect place to woo a loved one. With a gourmet dinner, tickets for a relaxing boat cruise along the river Trave or a tour of the fascinating Buddenbrook House (exchangeable during the winter months), participants are sure to rekindle passions and ignite the heart of their beloved.

Discover Lübeck in Three Days

Take a boat trip on the river Trave and choose 2 museums to visit. The world famous "Holstentor" (Holsten Gate) is today a museum showing the history of town, shipping and archaeological finds. Stroll through the old town for sightseeing or shopping, or simply enjoy the splendid view from this waterside hotel. Enjoy Lübeck all year.

Theater and Comedy in Lübeck

Special offer for theatre or comedy performance in Lübeck. The theatre is located on a boat next to the hotel.

World of the Hanseatic

The Hanseatic town of Lübeck has been elected “UNESCO World Heritage Site” and offers a dazzling array of Gothic brick churches and merchant houses from the medieval times. Stroll through the old town for sightseeing or shopping or simply enjoy the splendid view from our waterside hotel. Enjoy the largest European museum of hanseatic culture only 10 minutes from the hotel. It tells the story of 320 years hanseatic history and offers a museum experience that is both exciting and informative.