Radisson Blu Hotel, Lund


Take a walk through history at Domkyrkan. Ever since the 1100s, Lund Cathedral has attracted and fascinated visitors. This wonderful structure is a symbol of the city and is one of Sweden’s most beloved buildings. Through the years, the Romanesque walls and halls have undergone extensive renovations since a great fire destroyed most of the building 800 years ago. The only part remaining from before this time is the crypt, but after detailed and accurate restorations, a visit here is still like stepping back in time.  
Sights, stories and myths
Wherever you are in the city, you can see the two towers from the cathedral spiking the skyline. Although built in the 1800s, they were quick to become the main pieces associated with the building. Right inside its doors, you can find the famous astronomical clock that plays a tune twice daily for the city’s residents. Be sure to visit when the clock is singing, and you’ll see the medieval spectacle of two trumpeters raising their instruments as the Three Wise Men and their servants walk past.
This structure also finds its place in Swedish fairy tales such as that of the giant Finn. The story goes like this: a giant was commissioned to build the cathedral and in exchange the designer was to guess his name correctly, or pay. In this tale, giants died if mankind discovered their names therefore it was a difficult task. By chance, the designer found out the giant’s name and in a rage Finn and his family tried to tear down the cathedral before turning to stone. When you visit, you’ll see poor Finn and his family carved into stone, each embracing a pillar.
Take a walk through the adjacent Lundagård
Right next to the cathedral, is the lush and lively Lundagård, a park where you can enjoy the sunlight among the trees. The park is lined by academic buildings and is the host of the Lund Carnival every four years as well as other fun festivals. Radisson Blu Hotel, Lund invites you to make most of all the city has to offer by staying close to the best attractions.