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Lund University is the future space for one of the world’s largest and most efficient research facilities. The European Spallation Source (ESS) and the MAX Laboratory employ several hundred scientists and attract thousands of guests each year. The MAX lab was recently extended to include MAX-IV, which is a neutron accelerator laboratory for synchrotron radiation research. 
European Spallation Source
ESS is a unique facility for materials research lying in the northwest part of Lund. This facility has the equipment for researchers to study materials from daily life such as proteins, plastics, medicines and molecules to understand how they work. Picture the facility as a large microscope that helps scientists to fire neutrons and analyze them in detail. These walls are dedicated to forwarding research in the fields of medicine, environmental science and communication.
The new addition: MAX-IV
This lab has accelerators that produces high intensity x-rays attracting scientists from across the globe. Here they can study physics, chemistry, geology, nanotechnology and more. The aim is to make the invisible visible for the good of humankind and our furry friends.
The decision to build these important research bases has led to the region being placed on the European science map. As a result, Lund University along with City of Lund and Region Skåne, have formed the Science Village Scandinavia, in order to direct and develop the area into a scientific community with a world-class science village. The space is an ecologically friendly neighborhood full of inspiring venues focusing on man’s progression.
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