Radisson Blu Hotel, Lund


Join a trip in time and space at Uppåkra. Just outside Lund, it is Scandinavia's largest, most inventive and longest-lasting iron age settlement. 

Populated for more than a thousand years, the site has been a central place for trade, power and religion  from the 100th BC until the 9th century AD. There has been a city in Uppåkra long before any other city was founded in the area.
Lund University has carried out archaeological excavations in Uppåkra since 1996 and over 28,000 finds have been handled, although only 0.1% of the area has been investigated. It is said that Uppåkra is the largest find in the north in modern times, which can give us new knowledge of a past which we know little about.

Discover underground secrets

There have been many unique finds, not least the temple that has been repaired and rebuilt after hundreds of years. Around this, there have been exciting discoveries of gold, precious metal, glass craft items and weapons.
Guided tours are central to Uppåkra Archaeological Center's visitor activities. These are held by archaeologists and science teachers who, with their meticulous narrative and expert enthusiasm, offer visitors the opportunity to travel back in time and rediscover this ancient site.
Visitors are descended into a recreated excavation chapel and enjoy a movie experience taking in four exciting events that left an impression on Uppåkra’s amazing history.

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Lund is ideally placed for a visit to Uppåkra, so visitors can enjoy their underground experience before returning to a bright, modern hotel to enjoy a delicious meal.